Sonata Forum Music Network (various domains including sonataforumusic.com) was a plan that belonged to someone else; I "helped" with their idea, and took it upon myself to design the web sites and such. It was the first professional plan I had where I also had a co-worker, or rather, worked as part of a team, even if I worked on it alone. I designed things as was discussed rather than exclusively following my own agenda. That's what I mean. It was like working with the owner, but working alone at the same time. She did most of the marketing and networking and planning and such, and I did a lot of independent research and work. She told me what she liked and shared ideas and I devised how to make those ideas happen, then made them happen, for the most part.

As far as my experience, I enjoyed considering all the different fields of music.

I could say a lot more, as usual, but I'll leave it at that, as usual.