Blazing Music Network (BMN) was one of my companies. It was a Nevada C-corporation at one point, then it was a Wyoming single-member LLC. I used BMN to do musical things, with the intent of... well who really cares what was and was intended? I was president and then manager of The Blazing Music Network. It was merely me. Ah, sweet solitude. But that's how I work. was the web site. I published some of my music there and nobody that I told would care. Oh well.

I did copyrights and gave the company a logo and even wrote some novel copyright terms. But I guess that doesn't matter anymore. Henceforth, if you want to see and hear me play the trumpet at all, go watch this YouTube video: No, I'm not embedding that remote content on my nice web page. When I hear the phrase "remote embedded content with ads and cookies", my eyebrows lower and my computer mouse starts to shiver in terror at my dark visage. Anyway...

So I play the trumpet. So sue me. Gosh, people nowadays make no musical sense. I plead the fourth. Or is it the fifth? Whatever, as long as it's not a tritone.

Actually, sharp-elevens are... *sigh* never mind.

I guess I could upload two recordings of me playing my own music and not cause too much havoc on The Internet.

"Welcome to The Blazing Music Network!" -- (me)

"Praise Jesus Christ, praise his name, all praise to The Lamb! Praise God!" -- (me)