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Sample: Man of Steel (2013)

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When you register at this web site, you will be asked to review the above sample video. These are the criteria for each film review on this web site: Elements of Film, Categorized*. Your review of the sample video may contain any one criterion from each category, up to three categories. This is merely to give an indication of the nature of review content you will be providing.

When your review has been submitted and approved, membership will be granted and you may select any one full film of the available movies and television show episodes available to review, one at a time. You will be given a sample of the film to review, with which you may again select any three criteria, and when that review is approved, you may then review the full film. Your review of each full movie and TV show episode that you choose will thoughtfully address all the criteria.

Note that access to each film is limited but free, based upon educational and critical purposes. Each film is taken from an HD source when available and reduced into a minimum quality and size that has been determined to be fit for this particular AV Review web site. Each video should stream without substantial hindrance. You must thoughtfully and critically review each film in order to be able to arbitrarily choose which next film you will review. In sum, the videos are no replacement for their 1080p or other HD counterparts commercially available at the time of their addition**, and you may only select one film at a time to access and review, but the choice of which film you select to watch and review will be your decision.

In order to minimize actions of foolish plagiarism, your reviews will be visible only to other members.

To be clear, intellectual property rights do not change for content that is available on this web site. And your submitted reviews will only be retained for use by this server for this project. Reviews can be insufficient and updated. This web site is designed to permit only one membership account per individual. The purpose of this web site is incongruent with typical actions of other Internet web sites such as blacklisting members. For more information, proceed with registration.

Thank you for considering participating in the Galaxy Verge AV Review web site. Do not participate if you are at risk -- or feel at risk -- of seizure or harm by viewing flashing lights; be certain of this warning, because there are some videos that contain absurdly large amounts of this. Videos are typically rated for their content, but such details are not considered by this web site; you will find here videos rated G through R, and other videos outside these ratings. Whether you are a child or adult, your use of this web site is an indicator that you are attempting to act responsibly, and so you must learn the difference between right and wrong. If you are a fool, go away.
-- GXV
It is not the custom of style for the owner of this web site to state the obvious as redundant data. If you want information found elsewhere, such as detailed film credits or copyright information, go find it elsewhere. Thank you for not moronically and impertinently insisting upon redundant waste of disk space on my server; anyone who asserts their irresponsibility over me and demands that I follow their folly will be immediately ignored. You know how to use The Internet, yes? This is not an elementary school. Go learn.

* I invented those Elements of Film criteria quickly, off the top of my head, on October 23, 2018. I am not a film student or film professional. Your contributions to this project are appreciated. I welcome thoughtful additions to the review criteria besides what you would add as your additional comments. E-mail me.

** Much precision detail is lost even when comparing a 1080p video to its lesser-resolution 720p counterpart. You will find visual artifacts in the video files, and a lack of interesting details such as fine print and facial expressions of distant actors. Overall, such differences in product are outside the scope of the Elements of Film review criteria; comment upon what you observe, but do not bother to take the time to comment upon what is obscured by the file's conversion, because such small aspects are shown in such a way as to indicate that the author wants them to be considered small (not insignificant) aspects. And not every film is recorded in high definition; even standard definition films are often a higher resolution and bitrate video and audio quality than the videos for GXV's AV Review.

This is not a video archive web site.
Films are converted with these Handbrake configuration settings:
Video: MP4, web-optimized, H.264 (x264), Variable Framerate (same as source), 256 kbps average bitrate, 2-pass encoding, turbo first pass, veryslow preset, fast decode
Audio: AAC (CoreAudio), Stereo, 44.1 kHz, 64 kbps
No subtitles, No chapters
478 pixel width with aspect ratio maintained
Loose anamorphic setting of modulus 2
Example: "x264 Unparse: ref=16:bframes=8:b-adapt=2:direct=auto:weightb=0:no-deblock=1:cabac=0:analyse=all:weightp=0:me=umh:merange=24:subme=10:trellis=2:rc-lookahead=60"

Film source is either commercial with any DRM prohibition removed using third-party software or avoided by other means, or some sufficient-quality third-party source such as via a YIFY torrent.
The poster frame for each video is a screenshot sample hand-selected to represent the overall gist of the film, and is captured using VLC Media Player.